About me

Born in San Francisco, I painted from an early age, inspired by artists: parents Mireille and Philip Wood, grandfather Gottardo Piazzoni, great-uncle Maurice del Mué, cousin Russell Chatham, and other relatives and friends in the arts.

Earning a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and an M.A. in English from San Francisco State University, I taught in colleges in New York and California for several years. Other endeavors include photography, music and theater. Since1980, when I decided to paint professionally, I have had over sixty solo and ninety group exhibits.

Simply put, I paint that which resonates with me, and I try to depict the way things appear and feel – color and shape, air and distance, weather and mood – the sense of a real place.

My studio is open for scheduled shows and may be visited  other times by appointment.

A  flyer, Painting the Landscape #17, is available. If you'd like a copy, send me your postal address.